FSlint Clean

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FSlint is a utility to find and clean various forms of lint on a filesystem
For example, one form of lint it finds is duplicate files.
It has both GUI and command line modes

Installation Commands and Downloads


svn checkout http://fslint.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ fslint-2.25;
tar czf fslint-2.25.tar.gz --exclude=.svn fslint-2.25;
rpmbuild -ta fslint-2.25.tar.gz;
rpm -Uvh /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/noarch/fslint-2.25-1.noarch.rpm;


svn checkout http://fslint.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ fslint-2.27
cd fslint-2.27
dpkg-buildpackage -I.svn -rfakeroot -tc
sudo dpkg -i ../fslint_2.27-1_all.deb

Open Susue

[ –f /etc/mandrake-release ] && pkg=rpm
[ -f /etc/SuSE-release ] && pkg=packages
wget http://www.pixelbeat.org/fslint/fslint-2.26.tar.gz
sudo rpmbuild -ta fslint-2.26.tar.gz
sudo rpm -Uvh /usr/src/$pkg/RPMS/noarch/fslint-2.26-1.noarch.rpm

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How To Install Wine in Ubuntu

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HTML clipboard

First we get the wine0.95.deb from winehq


or if you want to open a terminal (alt+F2 then type gnome-terminal then enter) to download it use this command

In case your wondering why we are not downloading the latest version of wine its because internet explorer install breaks on newer versions and you will probably need internet explorer to get other programs working, but we will update wine after, so don’t worry

Right so we got our Wine .deb so lets unpackage it in our terminal dont forget to change directory to where you downloaded wine (if you used the above command you should already be there)


sudo dpkg -i wine*.deb

ok, so we no have wine, but how do i use it, set up a C:/ D:/ etc i hear you cry, let alone install anything, well here come the great little app called winetools

I have now learned that winetools has at least one dependancy, pointed out by replies on this forum, here is the command for installing it (added 1st April 06, after 12 not a april fool btw)


sudo apt-get install libgtk1.2:

wine tools can be downloaded here


or if your still with me in the good old terminal you can use this command

ok, so we got this great tool no we need to unpack it


tar -xf winetools*

and install it


cd winetools*
sudo ./install

Done so lets start this wonderfull tool with this



you will get loads of messages popup about not being configured etc, just keep clicking ok oh and that you should also own a copy of windows to use some of these tools. Yeah Yeah on with the plot.

You should finally get to a menu

So first we go for base setup, then create a fake windows drive
Next winetools will find your cdrom for you so it can set it up for wine
Followed by a username and organization, I Just leave theese as is
After a few fake windows restarts later we are told fake drive completed. Yippee

We are back to the base setup menu, now select DCOM98 and then go down the list installing all the programs on the list, obvioulsy only do internet explorer in your language, the reason we have left the Arial font out is because the link to this is dead, but we will sort this later. Just click next and ok on everything, im sure you know how window installers work.

Ok so we have finished the first list, hit the main menu button to get us back to the start.

next click install windows system software then click ok

again install everything thats in the list from top to bottom in your own language, and install visual basic 5 & 6

ok, so now we gotta sort out theese fonts as the links that winetools uses to retrieve them is dead, so click main menu followed by exit to leave winetools

now then back to our friend the terminal
ok so first we need to make and move to the directory where winetools would have downloaded the fonts


mkdir ~/winetools/fonts
cd ~/winetools/fonts

you might get an error saying the file exsits, if you do don’t worry just continue

Next we download the fonts from a link that is still around at the time of writing this, you might want to copy and paste this one into your terminal

Ok, so we now have the fonts downloaded, next back to winetools to install them



Select base setup again then install true type font arial

Next main menu then select Install Microsoft true type corefonts, yet again go all the way down the list until you have installed all the fonts.

done that, so main menu and exit winetools

Ok so we should now have a working wine, with internet explorer installed and windows media player 6 hopefully :s

we should be able to start Internet Explorer with the following


wine “/home/USERNAME/.wine/c/Program Files/Internet Explorer/IEXPLORE.EXE”

Dont forget to change USERNAME to your own username

With any luck your using internet explorer now

although we dont want to have to write this in everytime we want to start internet explorer, so right click the desktop and create a launcher and paste the previous code in there for a desktop shortcut, or make a menu shortcut which ever you prefer.

Here is the code for Outlook and Windows Media Player


wine “/home/USERNAME/.wine/c/Program Files/Outlook Express/msimn.exe”



wine “/home/USERNAME/.wine/c/Program Files/Windows Media Player/mplayer2.exe”

and really thats about it, you can also navigate using your file browser and double click .exe files and wine will launch them, like installers for programs and so on, then its just a case of finding the .exe that starts the program and making your custom launcher for it, your wine c: should always be found in /home/USERNAME/.wine/c. As long as know a bit about the windows file layout you should have no problem in finding them, always remember when creating your launchers that linux is case sensitive, so dont forget the caps.

Two last things to do

Firstly updating wine 0.95 to the latest version, remember we had to use 0.95 because internet explorer will not install on newer versions, although this maybe fixed now. There is no need to panic though, we just add a wine repository to our sources.list like this.


sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

then add this line to the bottom of the file

deb http://wine.sourceforge.net/apt/ binary/

apparently the above url to add to the bottom of your file is now being phased out and is now being replaced with

deb http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt breezy main (for ubuntu 5.10 breezy badger)


deb http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt dapper main (for ubuntu 6.06 dapper drake)

I have not yet tried this, so can not verify they work, but i soon will (this update to this how to was added May 10th 2006

then save your sources.list and run the following in terminal to update your wine installation


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

This should update wine to the latest version released by wineHQ, and will always be updated with the rest of your updates when a new version is released, Good hey

The second thing to do is to tell you about the winecfg command




BackTrack 3 Final

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BackTrack Downloads

We provide BackTrack to the community using various mirrors all over the world. We would like to thank the different companies / persons for the help in redistributing.

BackTrack 3

Last Update: 19.06.2008


Due to massive downloads and missing bandwidth, some servers might be unreachable and you need to hit either reload or click again on the download link.

Description: CD Image
Name:: bt3-final.iso
Size: 695 MB
MD5: f79cbfbcd25147df32f5f6dfa287c2d9
SHA1: 471f0e41931366517ea8bffe910fb09a815e42c7
Download: Click here

Description: USB Version (Extended)
Name:: bt3final_usb.iso
Size: 784 MB
MD5: 5d27c768e9c2fef61bbc208c78dadf22
SHA1: 3aceedea0e8e70fff2e7f7a7f3039704014e980f
Download: Click here

Description: VMware Image
Name: BACKTRACK3_VMWare.rar
Size: 689 MB
MD5: 94212d3c24cf439644f158d90094ed6a
SHA1: 21c9a3f9658133efff259adbe290723583b4fd82
Download: Click here

Web Site

BackTrack Live-CD

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How To Install Ubuntu

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Mandriva Linux Spring

version 2008.1

Last Version
Date : 09/04/2008
Size : 4.3GB


Web Site

Linux XP Desktop 2008

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Linux XP Desktop 2008

Linux XP Desktop is full-featured PC operating System Like Windows but based on the stable secure Linux platform

System booting details are hidden from user.
And others… 🙂 You can see it if you try our system absolutely free for 30 days

Some pictures of copy

Download You can see it if you try our system absolutely free for 30 days



Size : 2.11 Go

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